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Jewish Community Academy Trust

Jewish Community Academy Trust

Wolfson Hillel Primary School
154 Chase Road
N14 4LG

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About Us

Vision & Values

Our Vision

JCAT is modern and centrist Orthodox in outlook and supported by the United Synagogue, under the religious authority of the Chief Rabbi. We are committed to providing an immersive Jewish experience and education for all students, tailored to the specific needs of each of our academies.

We aim to instil in our children a strong understanding of their Jewish identity and of Jewish history. This includes a particular focus on Hebrew, creating a better understanding of Jewish texts and rituals. We work together to develop well-rounded students committed to Britain and British values as well as a life of Torah, Jewish values and the State of Israel.

We are a centre of educational excellence with a focus on maintaining the highest possible ratio of teaching staff to students. Through this method, we take an inclusive approach to enable every child to make the best possible progress.

We are focused on building strong relationships between school, the home and the community – a triangulation which is at the centre of a successful and transformative educational and Jewish environment.

We promote clear and honest communication between all members of our community. Contributions at all levels are valued and recognised. We uphold open communication channels between our students, our academies, our families and ourselves.


Our Values

At JCAT, we value…  


  • We promote clear and honest communication between all members of our community.  
  • Contributions at all levels are valued and recognised.  
  • We uphold open communication channels between our students, our academies, our families and ourselves.  


  • We actively seek opportunities to work together, build relationships and share resources.  
  • We respect each other and recognise everyone’s valuable contributions.  
  • We work together across the Trust to provide the best possible outcomes for our students.  
  • We recognise the importance of building strong relationships between school, home and the wider community.  


  • We strive to inspire everyone in our community to be the best they can be academically and personally.  
  • We encourage curiosity and creativity throughout the Trust.  
  • We protect and promote Jewish education, inspiring a genuine love of learning.  


  • We are forward-thinking and research-driven in our vision for the future.  
  • We provide an environment of high expectations and achievement to allow our students to meet their potential.  
  • We share and develop the strengths of individuals and teams to promote the development of the Trust.  
  • We have high aspirations for our students, our academies and the Trust itself.  

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