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Jewish Community Academy Trust

Jewish Community Academy Trust

Wolfson Hillel Primary School
154 Chase Road
N14 4LG

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Our Offer

At JCAT, our core values are:  

Communication, Collaboration, Inspiration and Growth.  

We create partnerships with all schools that we work with, allowing us to grow together as a family of schools dedicated to our Jewish values and faith.  

Our academies benefit from:  

  • A proven dedication to protecting the future of Jewish education.  
  • Governance support from The Office of the Chief Rabbi and United Synagogue, sponsors of JCAT and guardians of its Jewish ethos.  
  • Challenge and support across all areas and phases of education.  
  • A board of trustees and expert advisory body.  
  • Regular staff continuing professional development opportunities.  
  • Increased efficiency through central services.  
  • Shared insight, best practice, policies and procedures from across the Trust.  
  • Assurance of consistency and stability.  
  • Strong financial investment and support.  

Our students are central to everything we do, and all the support we offer aims to give them the best teaching and learning experience and the best opportunities for the future.  

Professional Development 

We aim to support our staff to continually develop and to provide the best education for our children. 

Our staff benefit from: 

Senior Leadership Training  

JCAT gives a high priority to the development of its staff. Senior staff are supported to undertake National Professional Qualifications and the link with the Barnet Partnership for School Improvement gives further access to a range of relevant courses.  

Staff Training  

All staff have access to the National College suite of programmes that covers everything from Early Years to KS4, from subject-specific material to advice on leadership and management.  

INSET Days  

JCAT holds one joint INSET day per year, allowing academies from across the Trust to come together and discuss topics such as assessment models, target tracking and safeguarding.  

School Improvement 

Our Central Team has extensive experience of school improvement in both primary and secondary settings. We offer a breadth of challenge and support to our schools, helping them to become the best they can be. 

School Improvement Visits  

Each school within the Trust receives one school improvement visit per half-term from the School Improvement Partner and/or CEO. Our annual timetable clearly outlines what these visits will entail, including the evidence required. There is a dedicated Kodesh School Improvement Partner who oversees the work of Jewish Studies teachers and visits schools every half-term.  

Headteacher Meetings  

Headteacher meetings are held weekly on Teams, allowing regular sharing of best practice and discussions around national developments including amendments to the Ofsted framework. Monthly face-to-face meetings are also arranged, with contributions from Headteachers, the CEO and CFO.  


Safeguarding is understandably a top priority at JCAT, and all four schools have been audited in 2021/2022, providing reassurances about the systems in place and additional pointers as to how practice can be further improved. We continue to work with our schools to support continuously improved practice, with a shared dedication to ensuring all children are safe and happy at school. 


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